Don't Fall Down.., FALLUP!!

Utilising a wide range of Psycho-Social theraputic and motivational techniques I can change your perspective,
and when I change your perspective, I will change your life.

Changing Perspectives, Changing Lives.


Addiction Therapy

FALLUP NI offer one to one interventions that utilize a wide range of therapeutic tools to challenge, educate and empower individuals so that they learn and adopt these tools to manage their own journey through their personal recovery. Also due the understanding that it is not just the individual at the centre of the issue that has to experience the struggle, there are range of family support interventions that can be explored.

Havening Therapy

FALLUP NI now also offers Havening therapy sessions. Havening is a relatively new psychosensory therapy based on the fields of neuroscience and neurobiology that can help individuals with psychological problems such as Anxiety, Depression, Phobias or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD)


Awareness And Information Sessions

FALLUP NI are available to facilitate a range of information sessions on a range of topics including Substance Awareness, Harm Reduction, Motivational Talks and other Psycho-educational classes. These would be highly suitable and beneficial for businesses, services, schools and youth clubs etc.

All groups and sessions are open to adaptation to suit the individual requirements of the interested client.

Programme Design And Facilitation

FALLUP NI are well adept in the development and construction of an increasing range of support based programmes and support groups. These can be designed to suit the needs of all potential clients. FALLUP NI are also open to the cooperation and if required co-facilitation of particular programmes. Anything is possible with FALLUP NI.


Relaxation And Mindfulness Sessions

Sometimes we all just need a chance to slow it all down and to take the time to process and reflect on our situations. FALLUP NI facilitate a range of relaxation sessions that are guaranteed to reboot your thought processes and ensure that boost your positive trajectories and rejuvenate your energy and motivation.


FALLUP NI came to life last year in order to provide a bespoke form of support within the community and has already facilitated a full myriad of successful awareness sessions, individual interventions, motivational talks, and support groups.

It is FALLUP NI’s purpose is to facilitate a unique specialist support to those who endure addictive, behavioural or psychological based issues.

The idea of ‘FALLUP’ was created to promote the absolute possibility of positive recovery and not only this, but also the necessity to use the lessons of falling to propel yourself further than you previously thought possible.
FALLUP understands that communication with and not at the individual is absolutely paramount and that society needs to divert from a punitive, stigmatic approach to one of empathy and education.

Everybody falls down from time to time…, so if you want to make a real change, maybe it’s time to FALLUP.

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Self Esteem/motivation

What The Clients Say

‘I hadn’t heard of Havening and was a bit sceptical however after my first session I was totally convinced that it worked! Andrew was professional and knowledgeable about the technique and explained everything really well. He was able to get to the core of my trauma I was feeling and get rid of the negative and distressing emotions I was feeling. Also he taught me about ‘Self-Havening’ which is simple when you know how but invaluable in reducing anxiety and distress! For me my 3 sessions with Andrew was very successful and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.’


‘I met Andy without knowing very much about him or the treatment. Having been diagnosed with complex PTSD, I was nervous at the first meeting and reluctant to open up about my traumas. Andy however quickly put me at ease and was easy to chat to. His passion for what he does is evident from the outset. His down to earth approach and down to earth attitude made difficult topics easier to share. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy and the Havening treatment he promotes. I found it a great help and comfort.’


‘Recently had 3 sessions of havening with Andy. This therapy has given me more control and empowerment than I ever could imagine possible. Andy is very knowledgeable and professional and the therapeutic process is relaxed and engaging. I highly recommend Havening for anxiety and emotional freedom.’


‘Decided to book myself in for a Total Relaxation session, after feeling like an overtightened rubber band going in, felt like I was floating through the clouds coming out! CANNOT recommend it enough!! Now I've a serious phobia about needles, which immediately I was explained through the steps which were about to happen, which put me at ease. Don't know what I was worried about, never felt a thing lol. Such an incredible experience, relaxing with the music, going on your own journey. Not to mention the best night’s sleep I've had in a while, slept like a baby & woke up energized!! 

One of the best experiences I've ever had, in the words of Arnie.....I'll be back 👍👍🤣🤣 Do you do loyalty cards yet? 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟’


‘I had never heard of this technique before but now I’m a total convert and it really works. Andy is super at making you feel comfortable and he really cares. It is so good because I can continue using the technique by myself when I’m low or stressed and is an immediate feel-good tonic’.


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